Why are the dates different for U.S. and Australia sites?

24 Dec 2010 Alaina asked

For instance the European Inspiration departs on May 12th on my site (U.S.) but everyone is saying it leaves May 14th (which is what the Australian site says). Are these the same tour? Shouldn't departure be the same because it's London time?
  • 25 Dec 2010 Lindsey said


    Hi Explorer,

    The tours Contiki offers Americans begin from the day their flight leaves their local international airport, whereas for us Australians, the flight isn’t part of the package, and our tour date is 2 days after the date for Americans.

    So for your tour, the 12th should be when you leave America, you get the 13th to sightsee, and then the actual tour leaves on the 14th. For Australians, our first planned date is the 14th, when the tour begins. Your itinerary should indicate something to the effect of leaving London on the 14th. In short, they are the same tour. Hope that helped!

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