9 Apr 2013 hayleyhorowitz asked


Hi all,

i am going on the best of USA tour in August - NY to LA. I have spoken to many people as to how much money i should take and what would be an absolute minimum. I love to shop and want to buy as many souvenir's as i can. I've heard from people who have been on this tour and its ranged from $4,000 to $10,000. Id love to know everyone's opinion, I'll be in the USA for about 3 weeks :)

oh... and since ill be in vegas ill have to gamble ;) haha

  • 14 May 2013 kweenz911 said


    you are going to America’s most expensive cities lol I haven’t been on the tour, but I’ve been to New York City many times and in a few days, I think I’ve spent over 3000$ on everything from shopping, to food, to drinking, and travelling/site seeing. Drinks in NYC (made with premium liquor) can go up to 18$ a drink (18$ is the most expensive one I’ve seen, but it was in a high end bar)… I saved most of my shopping for the Woodburry outlets though location on Long Island (closer to the Hamptons) but I did shop a bit in the city as well. Food in and around Time Square will be close to double the price you’d pay outside the tourist trap area. One place I did enjoy though was Juniors on Broadway, not for the food really but the staff treated my 3 girlfriends and I like royalty. A couple of the waiters even added us on Facebook lol. Carmines also on Broadway is a must, but bring your appetite! Entrées are served in a family serving style and is a relatively good price.

    What I do know about LA, is that public transport isn’t that great, so if you’re going to stay in the city a few days before the tour, I recommend that you budget renting a car.

    I hope I helped a bit :-)
    Have the time of your life on your upcoming trip :-)

    Best regards,


  • 28 Jun 2013 aussiebloke said


    Depends. Clothing is quite a lot cheaper in the states. There are factory outlets in Vegas and LA that still have some good clothing. New York state also has no sales tax either. Best bet is to set a budget

    Eating out in the states is pretty much same cost as Australia when you consider: food, drink, tip & tax.

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