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Best time of year to go to Australia?

6 Feb 2010 d_jedi asked

I don't want to miss out on surfing/diving/etc. because of cold weather (does it get that cold in Australia, in the areas one would do these activities? I have no idea..).<BR><BR>BUT, what I've read about potentially fatal, venomous jellyfish frankly freaks me out (my understanding is these are only a problem during the summer months?)
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  • 6 Feb 2010 Danki said


    Hi d_jedi

    It depends where you go as to whether it is hot or not. If you want to go surfing, go to Margaret River in summer (December/January). Margaret River is in the south west corner, about 3 hours south of Perth. I don’t know how good the beaches over east are for surfing, but anything south will be best in summer. In winter, head north, I live in Broome and our days in winter (June – August) are usually around 30 degrees celcius. The tropical jellyfish are found in the northern parts (from Broome, all the way up the coast, around the northern territory, and around northern queensland.) But Broome is safe from about June. To do diving, go to Ningaloo Reef (this is on the west coast, near exmouth – about 1000km north of perth). The west coast rocks – you’ll need other advice about the east tho!

  • 6 Feb 2010 Mel the aussie said

    Mel the aussie

    jelly fish can be a probem in summer but they hav stinger nets on the beaches for those who go swimming. but i recommend spring… september, october, november, its not too hot but its not cold. The gold coast and sunshine coast are pretty good for surfing. North queensland doesnt get any surf because of the great barrier reef but i hear its a really nice place to dive. it depends on where your from too as to wat time of year you want to come… north queensland gets really hot. the lowest (where i live) is about 10 in the day in winter (can get down to 5 at night but thats usually like late at night) but in summer it can get really high… atm we’ve been up to 38 39 degrees some days so if you can deal with the heat then north queensland is great in the summer. i still recommend spring though. i cant give you much information about the lower queensland, NSW or Victoria but i hope this helped

  • 6 Feb 2010 alyssa! said


    i went in July, so the middle of winter.
    up in the NT it was around 30 during the day, but at night would get down to 0, it was a drastic change but im used to that.
    in Queensland the high was around 28. NSW was more around 20 and Victoria was more around 12.

    For the 6 weeks I was over there I think it rained like maybe a half a day. And not pouring rain, barely spitting.

    There were no rays.

    Surfing was possible along east coast- it wasn’t the warmest out when Contiki does the lessons but it was still possible.

    I say spring or fall would be the best time to go.

  • 4 Mar 2010 TimTammer said


    I went in February which was the dead middle of summer.
    In Sydney and the other parts of NSW I was unlucky for the first couple of days because it was around 20 but there was some humidity. The day we did the surfing it was 18 but the water was warm so no one really complained about it. If you go in the winter and the water is too cold you can easily get a wetsuit if you are getting lessons.

    As we moved further north the weather did get better and the sun came out for us to enjoy the beach on the days that the tour let us go and it was hot but nothing much worse than it can get where I live. The humidity can be tough in Queensland in the summer especially up near Cairns but usually there is a breeze to help people deal with it.

    For the diving and snorkeling it can be done anytime of the year and yes Stingers can be at the reef in the summer which is why they have the suits to provide. But the odds of getting stung are low and I tossed the suit aside after half an hour and pretty much refused to dive with it.

  • 29 Mar 2010 miss_bek said


    im from perth and id pretty much say that the best time to come is def end of spring/summer even autumn spesh now that summer months are coming bit later but only if you can handle the heat the sun is very strong over here but the social scene actually exists in summer and the beaches and tourist places are more beautiful to look at in the summer time for sure!!! bound to get really really nice photos! besides the winter in aus is pretty miserable and there isnt as much to do!!! … definatley head down to margaret river they have an aws winery, cheese factory and chocolate factory down there and the beaches are both amazingly beautiful and have great surf!!! plus the local town has a nice cafe that makes the best pancakes!!!

  • 31 Mar 2010 Chilindrina83 said


    so nobody recomends to go in August then? Cause Im not sure if Im going to be able to get the days off from work Red Face<!--graemlin::o-->(. The Aussie Explorer goes everywhere, but I dont mind about the water temperature, if its sunny outside thats perfect for me on the beach. Any thoughts?

  • 31 Mar 2010 patchie89 said


    In August Northern Territory and Northern QLD should be great. in the more southern areas, eg, brisbane and south of that it may be a bit cooler, but just bring a warm set of clothes and you will be fine.

  • 16 May 2010 Caitlin88 said


    Brisbane can be quite cool in August and obviously further south is as well. But from what I know, up in Cairns and that area during August is pretty reasonable. Not so hot but comfortable.

  • 18 May 2010 alyssa! said


    I went July/August- NT and down the east coast up to about Gold Coast it was high 20s/30s- definitly hot enough during the days for a beach. Once you got further south down the coast it was more low 20s high 10s- which was still nice during the day. No matter where I was though it was chilly at night and early mornings.

  • 21 Jun 2010 Lana:) said


    If You’re looking on heading to Northern Terriory or Far North QLD then august would be a good time to go, the weather will be good around that time, but i couldnt speak for the surf, i dont imagine it would be very good due to the great barrier reff being so close. But if you get a change definately go diving over the reefs its an amazing experience.
    in August the further down you come the colder its going to get, the lower parts of NSW and VIC will be very cold and possibly rain / snow.

  • 11 Dec 2010 EatPrayLove said


    I would say come anytime except Winter.. It gets a bit drizzly and where I live on the east coast we get big winds in August…

  • 19 Jan 2011 Dawzy09 said


    I live in queensland and from what ive read every1 seems to have got the info right but what ive noticed is that december is now becoming the storm month in the past couple of years there has always been storm warnings out. so just to let you no that december may be the start of summer but it still gets a whole heap of rain an storms were im from.

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