European Magic - What does the London portion consist of?

29 May 2008 Nick asked

Hello,<BR><BR>We booked the European Magic tour for June 30 - July 10th. Just curious as to what the London portion of the tour consist of? I am planning on spending a couple extra days in London (before and after the tour) and would like to get a thorough tour of London. I just don't want to do something twice. Any advice on what to expect in London would be great. Thanks!
  • 30 May 2008 Nick said


    Thanks for the tip Michele. It did seem like from the Itinerary that there really is no sort of concentration on London. I’ll arrive in London on the morning June 29th (Sunday) and also have all day the next Monday in London. It’s not til Tuesday we are supposed to check into our Contiki hotel and meet the tour manager. Any idea what that time would be? It would help me plan out that day as well.

    Also the last day it says after breakfast, around 10am, we have the option of the complimentary transfer to London. How long does it take from Paris to London? Including the final Contiki day, I have one more full day/night in London to finish up whatever I didn’t see in the beginning and then off to SF on July 12th.

  • 3 Jun 2008 Nick said


    Thanks Matty V!

    Do we get some sort of email confirmation/details on where to check-in, meet, etc? The travel agent called me to confirm our tour and asked if he should charge the rest of the trip fees on the same credit card and I said yes. Saw the charge on my account but never received confirmation showing details such as:

    “check in at (name) hotel”
    “meet at (location) before the tour”

    Should I have received anything of that sort?



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