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Is America safe?

8 Aug 2010 LauraR asked

Hey guys! I read on here about Europe and how many professional pickpocketers there are and wonder how LA and VEGAS are? I was thinking of taking this travel wallet that has an over the shoulder strap on it..( so basically it hangs on my side) This is where I'd keep my money, passport and bank cards etc.... Would u recommend one of those hidden waste belts for my money and stuff as well. Or am I just too <BR>worried?
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  • 7 Mar 2011 KateB said


    i realise you asked this a while ago and have probably already been and gone but i did a contiki of California and there was absolutely no problem with pick pocketing in the US. i didn’t even use a money bag just a normal handbag and there were no problems. i even took my passport out with me every night which was a bit risky but you’ll need it to get into all the clubs. (they don’t accept lisences)

  • 8 Mar 2011 Lotte said


    i never had a problem…

  • 12 Mar 2011 KirrynA said


    KateB, Ive been told by numerous people that drivers licences (Australian ones anywa) are fine for use in clubs etc in the USA. Is this not the case? I really dont want to take my passport out with me every night!

  • 13 Mar 2011 KateB said


    it might depend on where you go but most places won’t let you in unless you have a passport for proof of age. they’re really strict with it. my sister and i went out in NY one night and my sister forgot to bring her passport and was refused entry even tho she had her australian license.

  • 27 Mar 2011 IowaTim said


    As an American, I would say that if you are in your early 20’s (hence look young) they may want to see a passport for ID, but there is no general rule about this and it would be highly situational and probably somewhat unpredictable. If you look to be easily over 21, then I don’t imagine that you would have any trouble with your regular license. The main thing is that most doormen don’t know how to spot a fake international license. If you are with a whole Contiki group of international travelers, I think that would help them be more trusting that it was legit. Personally, I would just photocopy my passport and keep it with your license, rather than carry around your actual passport to the clubs. I can’t imagine that not being sufficient.

  • 27 Mar 2011 Nicole said


    ya as far as identification def. bring it just in case; it’s up to their discretion to let you in if they feel like it could be fake (or unfamiliar to them) LA and Vegas are pretty safe I live in Ca and only wear a satchel 90% of the time… never have had any problems, NY is a different story

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