7 Sep 2008 SthOzLad said

Hey guys, <BR><BR>Over the weekend I picked up a US Contiki 2009/10 brochure. Even though I've already booked and paid for my Grand Southern & BAE trip (starting Jan 24 `09) I thought I'd take a look at it and see whats new. I noticed on the FAQ page under the visa & passport question it states those who travel to the US under the visa waiver program (Aussies, amongst others)will need to apply for an ESTA as of Jamuary 12 2009. Even though you may not need a visa you'll still need an ESTA. <BR><BR>Just thought I'd let those know who, like me, have already booked a trip for next year and havent had the chance to look at the new brochure. Prior to reading the brochure I still assumed that I wouldnt need to do anything different than I did when I went to the US earlier this year. <BR><BR>check out <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A><BR><BR>Aaron



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