spring tours cost?

20 Jun 2007 fridayschild asked

does anybody have the prices and dates for the spring 2007 (march/april/may) tours so I can get a ballpark number of how much and when? Cuz all that's up on the site are summer/fall and I'm guessing that the price varies on the season. thanks!!!
  • 20 Jun 2007 Jeremy said


    I don’t think the tours are any different cost for spring vs summer. What is a concern is the cost increase due to inflation. The rep I talked to when I pre-booked said its typically 5 – 10% assuming the tour doesn’t get changed at all. If you know the tour you want, you can prebook before the next brochure comes out for $100. It helps with the inflation cost. At least, for US tourists you can. I would imagine its the same for Canada too.

  • 20 Jun 2007 Curtis71 said


    You could get a brochure from a travel agent.

    Spring tours are less expensive than Summer. About in the start/middle of June (high tourist season,) prices jump up until September again.

    You can expect that European tour prices will probably jump at least an extra $80 each for next year because of new regulations on how much rest bus drivers must get. Contiki will have to pay extra for another bus driver for a couple of days to meet their legal obligations.

  • 24 Jun 2007 cdm115 said


    The difference in price is usually around $50, depending on length and such.

  • 24 Jun 2007 Curtis71 said

    Originally posted by cdm115:
    The difference in price is usually around $50, depending on length and such.

    True, but the flights can be several hundred dollars more expensive in the summer.



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