Best Month for Grand Southern Tour (Start in LA)

21 Apr 2013 Maezinha asked


Hi all, I am thinking of the Grand Southern Tour next year and would like to know from you which is the best month month to travel to US, coz I live in Luanda, Angola, which is pretty hot and humid, I did a European Highlight in September last year and it was freezing coz it was autumn and I got back home with flu (even though it was worth it ;) ).

So to avoid this and because I want to be better prepared ;) I would like to know which months are the warmest? the month I am looking at August and September, but any other suggestions will be great.

Thanks in advances


  • 23 Apr 2013 Dave said


    I’m doing it end of Aug start of Sep this year, its perfect if you don’t like the cold, aug is the middle of the summer in us , can get very hot in vegas but upwards of 110F 50C in Temp

  • 23 Apr 2013 Maezinha said


    Thanks Dave this info was really helpful and enjoy the Tour :)



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