What to pack for WW In August

26 Mar 2009 Corinne said

Hey, I'm doing the WW in Aug and was just wondering what sorta things to pack...
I know the basics, but kinda want to know in a little more detail. This is what I'm planning

Couple of dresses/long tops with leggings for day/night
Summer dresses for evenings
Couple Shorts
Few smart/casual tops
Couple of Bikini's.
2/3 flip flops
1 smart flat shoes
1 pair trainers

Is that about right? I thought the whole tops and leggings would be comfy and cool for the coach rides and in the big cities, theyre reall fashionable in the UK, what are they like anywhere else?

Also do I need a towel? And is there much oppurtunity to go to the beach/go swimming?

Cheers in advance!!



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