Italian Espresso - Venice to Rome Bus?

24 Apr 2013 matthew asked


Hi, I'm not sure if I should take the bus back to rome after the tour ends in venice, since it's a long ride back to rome. My flight leaves from rome the next day. Can anyone comment on the bus ride back to rome? Would flying or taking a train to Rome for around $70 be better instead? Either option would give me more time in rome than taking the bus back, around 5 hours more.


  • 2 Jan 2014 bnunez88 said


    I did a tour one time when it ended in Paris and I accidently booked with the entended stay, so I had to take the tour bus back to London, thought well at least I can go do more sight seeing in London but by the time I got back into London it was late not much I could do since my flight would be the following day. I recommend not doing a bus ride. but thats just me why waste 5 hours on a bus when you could spend those in venice, and easily take a speed train to a neighboring city like milan. Im going on the italian expresso in March 2014 and Im flying out of Venice. since it ends there, no sense in heading back to Rome.



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