Mexican Fiesta July 27 - Aug 4 (who is in)

26 Apr 2013 Mariachi asked


Hey anyone booked it? only two people so far are in the Meetup. I am concerned it will get canceled. Anyone else in? im going!

  • 12 Jun 2013 Mo said


    this tour sounds amazing. but who travels in august?:) ask your tour manager to switch dates to december. and most people like me, just came back from tours in april

  • 15 Jun 2013 Mariachi said


    Its Mexico so its still summer in July/Aug. i hope? lol (says the mexican american)

  • 3 Aug 2013 Mo said


    lol oh ok. then i have it all wrong. i dont know what i was thinking. i was going to book the tour for december because in south africa its summer in december. hmmmm… awww man. but is it a bad time to go in december?



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