Reefs and Rainforest March 09

6 Aug 2008 flamenco_girl said

I'm thinking about doing my first Contiki tour next year. One of my old work mates has moved to Sydney so I have an excuse to come to Oz.

I'm sure I'd love it but I'm nervous about booking.

1) I've never been on a flight longer than 7 hrs e.g. London to NY before on my own. Don't know if I could handle nearly 24 hrs of flying. What happens if my first flight comes in late and I miss the plane for the 2nd flight?

Way out would be London to Sydney with a stopover in Singapore or HK, but on the way back I'll need to go from Cairns. Will I have to go back to Sydney first? That would make the way home a really long journey.

2) How long each day do we spend on the coach?

3) I get sea sick quite easily. Should I avoid the sailing and just stay on the resort at Whitsundays? Is the ocean quite calm?

4) Most importantly, what is the tour like?



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