Argentina & Brazil - June 9, 2013

1 May 2013 WorldTraveler asked


Anyone going?

  • 9 Jul 2013 Ernie said


    Hey I’m doing this tour in August 25th! how was it??

  • 26 Jul 2013 WorldTraveler said


    I had a great time. I would recommend doing all the optional activities. It was a little cold in Argentina, but the weather was great in Brazil. I was also able to catch a soccer game in Argentina, which was a great experience. The food was delicious and the people were friendly. Overall I thought the trip was worth it. I noticed you did the Spanish Spree, I am considering doing that trip. How was it?

  • 6 Aug 2013 Ernie said


    hey World Traveler,

    Spanish Spree was pretty fun! Lots of great food and I went in September so it was really hot! I definitely recommend this tour, but just to give you heads up tour gets packed! But I had a nice mix of people so it was good time got along with everyone well. When do you look to go?

  • 6 Aug 2013 Ernie said


    Thanks for the tips for Argentina/Brazil! Which was your favorite between Buenos Aires or Rio?

  • 6 Aug 2013 WorldTraveler said


    I am thinking about going next year during the summer, but I have a few trips I am considering. I have been to Madrid and Barcelona, so I am more interested in Ibiza, which I heard is one of the top party destinations in the world. How was Ibiza, did you go to any clubs?
    Brazil and Argentina are very similar, but I prefer Brazil because of the nice beaches.

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