Weather in April,May & June

25 Nov 2010 Kirralee said

Hi,<BR><BR>I'm doing the Ultimate European on the 17th of April and i was wondering if anyone knows what the weather will be like at this time and into May. I'm also doing the Great Britain and Ireland tour in June.<BR><BR>I'm trying to work out what kind of clothes to take at these times but unsure what the weather will be like.<BR><BR>Any information would be great.<BR><BR>Thanks
  • 25 Nov 2010 Explorer1147179 said


    Pack a bit of everything-ie warm jumpers and jeans, but also shorts and tshirts. In April it will still be around 15 or so degrees in Northern countries (England, Germany, Netherlands etc), but at the same time it may get to low 20s in Mediterranean countries.

    In May and June it will start to get warm, especially in the Mediterranean countries, with temperatures mid 20s and above. In the Northern countries it will still be around 5-10 degrees colder than that.

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