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will I be too old for camping.. should I go concept?

22 Aug 2010 Kiwigirl89 asked

Just wondering what the age range and average age tends to be on the camping tours? I plan to travel to Europe this time next year August 2011 and will be 22 at the time. I'm 21 currently.Or worse case scenario if saving takes a little longer or I plan to do the UK tour too I would go in April 2012 and would turn 23 during the tour.<BR><BR>Im worried that I'll be too old for the camping tour and perhaps should choose a concept tour. I've heard the camping tours attract people mostly aged 18-20 while 21-24 is the average age on the concept tours? The problem is I really like the itinerary for the 46 day camping tour as it visits more of the destinations im interested in. E.g The 46 day tour is the only tour to visit both Dubrovnik (which I hear is lovely) and Prague as well as having 3 nights in Paris. Which means two full days in Paris and a daytrip to the palace in Versaille which I've always wanted to visit. It also visits Spain which not all tours visit.<BR><BR>I do get on well with all ages and have friends who are 18 and friends who are 36. I just don't want to be the granny on tour.<BR><BR>Thanks
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  • 29 Aug 2010 Kelly said


    You will be totally okay! I’m 30 and no one even really knows bc I don’t look my age. lol. I have no trouble at all and I don’t think you will have any problems either. I wouldn’t strictly follow those age guidelines. Do the tour you love and you won’t regret anything you see/do. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 29 Aug 2010 LadyRainbow said


    My friend went on the 46 Day Camping tour last year and she was 23, nearly 24. I plan on going on the 25 Day Camping tour around this time next year and I’ll be 25. I think that as long as you enjoy camping, it doesn’t matter how old you are Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 12 Sep 2010 Louise said


    A friend of mine did the 46 day camping tour in 2009 and turned 30 on her tour, and my sister just got back from her 32 day camping tour and the ages were varied. I’ve booked a 32 day camping tour for 26 July 2011 and I’ll be 23 at the time! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 17 Sep 2010 lizzie said



    I figure I will add my opinion too! I did the 46 day camping tour departing 8th june this yr and have been home from travelling for about a month! Yes it is very sad! My contiki trip was amazing. I am 22 and our average or most common age of traveller was 22. We had a couple 19 and 2 20’s but there was about 15 22 yr olds and then we had quiet a few 24-28s as well and a 2 30 somethings.

    Whilst age changes on every tour i would not at all be concerned doing a camping tour even if i was 25 or even a few yrs older. With The 46 day tour it does split tho u have ppl who do the full 46 days and others that will do the first half then ppl who will join for the second half… be prepared it sucks to loose ppl but u have to make the new ones feel welcome!!

    The 46 day trip is AMAZING the countries are brilliant and croatia is stunning!!! Next yr im doing russia and scandinavia and then croatia sailing… when u go to dubrovnik u have to go to sky bar!! they have a contiki cocktail which is delicious!!!!And enjoy every minute even the strange drives thru albania stuck on the main road behind a horse and cart!!

    The camping part if it concerns u… dont worry!! The tents are easy and pretty comfy dont take a huge suitcase infact i found it easier having a pack and more spacious then my tent mate who had a massive suitcase!! I ur worried about doing it alone dont it was the best thing i could ever of done!! u meet 40 other ppl who love travel as much as u!!!

    The tour is demanding u have some long drive days and early starts but its worth every minute of it! Have flu shot before u go and take vitamins i managed to avoid the contiki cough!! yay make sure u drink water and u will find that on the long 46 day trip ppl dont tend to go out every single night but not necessarily late or drink… it depended if it was a good night ion the town we all seemed to stay out late if it was quiet and mainly contiki ppl it was usually an early night. Just go do it enjoy i wish everyday i was still on mine. If u ahve any questions let me know i am more than happy to answer them!!!

  • 8 Oct 2010 Explorer1128723 said


    no way!

    I just did the tour I’m 23. That was the average age on tour which was good. There was only 1 18yr old and 1 19 everyone else was 20 -32, but mainly around 22,23 most people were.

    Its better doing it at this age I thought I may have been one of the older ones when I was booking my tour but that was not the case.

    Honestly think about how much money it costs, everyone has to fork it out to get on the trip and not that many 18 year olds can afford it…….

    You’ll be fine even at 23….It was the best 37 days of my life soooo much fun!

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