Non Guaranteed Departure Dates

8 May 2013 walshienz asked



I am booked on the Winter Wanderer Europe Tour, which departs 1st November 2013.

This is not a guaranteed departure date, so am bit worried that it will end up getting cancelled, and I will have to change all my travel plans.

Just wondering if anyone has had a tour cancel due to non guaranteed departure dates, or if anyone knows how likely it is that it will get cancelled.

I know I still have quite awhile to go, and that it still could end up going as planned, but am just bit worried :)


  • 27 Jun 2013 Jessica said


    I am looking for an answer for the same question! My tour leaves LA July 23rd, its a non guaranteed departure and there’s currently 12 people in the group on here. I wonder how many people need to have booked before they wont cancel it? I think the max is 45 but surely 12 people is a few people to put out, but not near the number of spots available.

  • 30 Jun 2013 RJ1817 said


    If it isn’t until December, then it’s a little early for it to be given a guaranteed departure. Give it until September



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