Transfers from Sydney airport and Cairns airport

10 Sep 2008 Janice said

Hi there people,<BR><BR>I fly into Sydney first and I am wondering if there are shuttle buses that can take you from Sydney airport to your hotel and if so how much do they cost? I know looking through other discussions there are trains but just wonder whats better - train or bus?<BR><BR>Also I know there is a free shuttle bus to take you from Cairns airport to the Colonial Resort hotel but do you have to prebook this or is it just there at the airport on a regular basis anyway?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Jan
  • 10 Sep 2008 said


    I can’t really answer the first questions cuz the only time i used a shuttle in sydney was from my hotel to the airport and it was a $12 fee.

    There is a free shuttle bus to take to the colonial club and no u don’t have to pre book it. There are phones in the lobby of the airport with different numbers to different hotels. You just find the colonial club dial the number provided and say you would like a shuttle. They will confirm that you are a guest and they will send a shuttle. HOpe this helps.


  • 10 Sep 2008 Explorer1108475 said


    hey! I would definitely take the train to the airport from Sydney. it was so easy to get on to and did not cost much at all. the train was huge and was really nice and did not take long at all to get into downtown Sydney. Also when I went to Cairns I just got a shuttle when I got to the airport so I don’t think you have to reserve on ahead of time! hope that helps!

  • 11 Sep 2008 Janice said


    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the info, train it is then from Sydney airport.


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