Italy - Laundry

26 May 2007 kilroy74 said

Is there anyway for one to do laundry during the 2 week trip?
  • 27 May 2007 craig said


    I am going in Oct seeing as we can only take a limited amount of clothes I myself would like to know

  • 27 May 2007 Dominique10 said


    Hey guys!

    I did this trip last year and the best advice i can maybe give you is maybe to bring some laundry detergent and wash some of your clothes in the bath tub and hang it to dry. If you do this, then you will want to do this when you are somewhere for 2 nights and bring a makeshift clothes line that you can hang in your room. you can get one from any store that sells travel accessories or camping stuff.

    Some hotels do have laundry service however you’ll need to see how long it will take them to do it for you as some may not get you your clothes back in time for when you leave.
    Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, drop me a line!



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