Taking a class while doing Contiki?

5 Jan 2008 Explorer1084779 asked

I did a search and read all about the pros and cons of bringing a laptop, but I have some additional questions.<BR><BR>I'm looking into doing one of the longer trips, possibly even Ultimate Euro (not looking at any of the camping ones though), but I HAVE to take some online classes this summer to graduate on time. Granted they are going to be EASY classes (one photography, another art or history) and I will get the big assignments and papers out of the way before the trip if possible, but what are the chances of me being able to log on throughout my trip to get some small assignments/discussion posts done? I am thinking, at the VERY MOST, abou an hour every weekday to get on the internet, get it done, and get on with my trip.<BR><BR>Is this not a realistic plan? I am also thinking of bringing my laptop to get the assignments done while on the bus, saving them to a USB stick and plugging that into an internet cafe to just quickly upload everything once we get into a city.<BR><BR>Any comments?



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