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3 Jul 2009 AussieEmma said

I note that the Guided Imperial Tour doesn't include admission to the Colosseum, therefore which is the best way to pay for admission? I do not want a tour, I was just after the head sets which people recommend. Therefore is it best for me to book online before the trip? or buy it on the day? The only thing I want to prevent is having to wait for hours for a ticket..
  • 3 Jul 2009 said


    The Colosseum and Forum admission is included with the tour. You start off outside the Forum, walk through it then over to the Colosseum and end the tour while you are still inside the Colosseum so you can still wonder around once its done.

    I would say it takes around 2 hours or so.

  • 9 Jul 2009 Explorer1123323 said


    I would highly recommend doing the guided tour:

    1) the lady who takes you is really great and it’s very interesting and you learn so much.

    2) the queue for the coliseum is always long, now when I mean long, I mean a couple hours wait.

    I did the tour and when you go to the coliseum, you walk right past the long queue…it felt so good Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

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