11 Jun 2006 BigNugget said

Hey guys,<BR><BR>Im going to be travelling on teh Europe Camping thingy for 45 days...has anyone done one of the camping tours yet? Im wondering what kinda camping they in tent and sleeping bag camping, or 'fight-for-a-spot-on-the-ground-and-share-with-8-people-in-a-three-person-tent' camping.<BR><BR>Drop us a line if you have any info! Or are thinking of doing it yourself<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Dave
  • 13 Jun 2005 Lizbe said


    Hey Monique!

    I’m going on the camping trip as well (Europe 21 day).  But the 21st of June one.  Yep, I’m a jogger…  So was wondering whether there is time to jog in the morning?  Don’t want to waste that few kilo’s of luggage if it’s not worthwile.  The other thing I was wondering…  Damn, talking ‘bout the weather Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->  Coming from South Africa, it’s pretty hot.  So my idea of t-shirts when it’s only 20 degrees is a bit too chilly for my liking.  So as I’m packing, most of my stuff are long sleeve t-shirts, a few jumpers & jeans.  Will this do?


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