European Encounter

18 Jun 2007 Lisa7_au said

If you've never been to Europe do this tour!

The time you have will depend on your attitude and how you deal with some interesting but clean hotel rooms, the other people and tour guide.

Amsterdam is great. If it's raining and you don't get to ride a bike around then you need to go back there and do it! I stayed there for 2 weeks before the tour you dont get to see enough of Amsterdam in 2 days on this tour.

St Goar - Germany a bit of a haze. Our tour brought the party wherever we went so an empty bar + 52 of us on the tour always meant party!

France was beautiful for everyone talking about how dangerous Nice was I had no problem there. The hotel in Paris is dodgy the wiring in any other country would mean it would be shut down. A tv started smoking when someone turned it on, fuses blew constantly. We filled out our feedback forms before we got here.

Final night we went to O'Sullivans (next to Moulin Rouge) it was a huge night and if you think 6 Euro is too much for a beer go across the road to the mini mart and buy a bottle of whatever you drink heaps cheaper and they will give you cups.. you can drink in the street! . And have a drink for me!

Italy lots of the classic stuff you have to see even if you arent into the history/vatican city stuff. And great Gelato! See Venice before it sinks!

Switzerland was beautiful we went tobogganing in the snow at Mt Titlus.

Monaco was amazing. So beautiful.

There were a few other countries but seriously the bus rides aren't that long and usually handy for sleeping as you've been out till 2am the night before!

I'm on the older end of the scale (33) and had an absolute ball. Vote 1 for European Encounter lol

Any questions just ask.




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