Greek Island Hopper...arriving late?

18 May 2013 Britt asked


Hey, I'm going to be arriving ~3 hrs after the posted meet time (when my flight arrives) for my Greek Island Hopper trip starting May 28th. Does anyone know of a way to get my tour guides contact information prior to me leaving? Also it would be good to have in case I get hung up at a airport.


  • 19 May 2013 Ashley said


    Sorry, no clue; I can’t imagine you have to worry much. The entire group will remain in Athens at the same hotel a full day after check-in. I would also expect the guide to troll this website from time to time. Not to mention the rest of us now know and can communicate for you :)
    Then again, you can always call your Contiki rep if you’re worried… 1-866-266-8454.
    Good luck and see you in two weeks!

  • 19 May 2013 Britt said


    Thanks Ashley! Yea I’m coming straight from the rig and it was the best I could do!

  • 21 May 2013 Chris713 said


    I’ve done this tour and you have nothing to worry about.You don’t meet until the night on the day it starts and you just have a pre-tour meeting and dinner. There will be notices at the reception and contact details for your tour guide when you get there.

  • 21 May 2013 Chris713 said


    Oh yeah and everyone stays at the hotel that night, and you ahve the full next day there too. So it will be fine

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