Luggage storage and informatoin!

17 May 2010 Ellalala said

I'd just like to hear any advice from past travellers about luggage!!<BR><BR>I've heard that the contiki villages don't have lockers for luggage/bags and I'm wondering whether this is true or not!<BR><BR>Moreover, I'm interested to know whether there are times when we will have to carry our luggage with us during the day - I don't mean from the bus to rooms or onto ferries and the like, but whether we'll need to carry all our luggage during sightseeing or antyhing...I'm on a 6 week tour and I'm wondering whether to pack light or not to worry!!<BR><BR>Thanks!
  • 17 May 2010 Kelsey said


    You don’t your luggage sightseeing. It is usually either kept in the hotel/hostel or on the bus.



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