Rome at Easter

1 Jan 2009 Marty said

Hello<BR><BR>I'm going on the March 28 Ultimate European trip. Based on the intinery we will be ariving in Rome from Florence on Good Friday and leaving Rome on Easter Sunday. You can probably guess the 'dilema', with all the extra pilgrims (and being able to see Rome from a place other than a que). <BR><BR>A few of us going have already realised this and I was wondering what other people's experience of Rome at this time of the year has been like. I'm particularly interested in the implications on sightseeing (Vatican etc), tours etc. I don't to spend all day in extra long lines just to have the places close before we get halfway up the line. I believe a lot of the major tourist sites close around midday on weekends. <BR><BR>Should we still try for these sites? or would the overcrowding change the experience? From a sightseeing tourist perspective would it be more appropriate to see other less known locations (what are our alternatives?) rather than going from one mile long line to another. Also with the guided Imperial tour of Rome, will these tours be so full of extra tourists to cater for the demand that it would be more beneficial to just go off on our own pace with a guide book and map?<BR><BR>I would love to hear people's thoughts and experiences on this matter, as well as any recommendations of sites to visit at this time of the year.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Martin



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