Round the World plans!

22 May 2013 carlylou asked


Hey Guys!

I'm looking to go travelling for approx 2 years, and I'm pretty sure I want to do as much as is physically possible in these 2 years. Most of my friends are in super settled relationships or jobs and don't really have the time to travel, so I'm hoping to meet people along the way and find some travel buddies too!

So, I'm really in the first stages of planning my trip - does anyone have any ideas where to go/and what to do in these places? I've got a little bit of a list going, but just want to get a super one going!

  • 13 Jun 2013 Maik said


    Definitely Australia ;-).
    Contiki has a super long tour going through the Northern Territory and the East Coast. (Darwin→Alice Springs→Cairns→Sydney).
    Keep in mind that the Northern Territory can get very hot during the Australian Summer/Spring. Best time to visit is April to October (up to 35°C). Between December and February it can go up to 50°C. East Coast is more “lively”, ~30 degrees during Summer (December to February). A bit cooler during Spring (September-November).
    If you want to see all of Australia, arrive in September/October and do the long tour. If you just want to see the East Coast, go between December to February.



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