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27 Jun 2007 Nathan and Cindy said

This will probably seem like a silly question but I'm really bad with boats. Everyone I ask about the Ferry Ride from Dover to Calais just says "you'll be fine" but can anyone give me some accurate useful information on how long the trip really is, what the conditions were like (I'm travelling September) and any other info?
  • 27 Jun 2007 aroundthe said


    Hi there,

    Just think of it as a mall on water. The trip take between an hour and a hour and haft depending on the weather and the water and such. It’s really not bad, for the most part you dont feel it move or anything.

  • 27 Jun 2007 Curtis71 said


    I am bad with boats. I took an anti-nauseant about 30 mins before the ferry sailed. I had some mild to moderate discomfort but it was nothing serious. Eventually I found a seat near the centre of the boat and tried to sleep.

    On other boats I have puked and been on the verge of being unconscious, so this one was relatively tolerable.

    On a related note, the currency exchange and shopping on the boat are really expensive so I would just gather with some friends and chat.

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