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doing more than one tour in europe

23 Nov 2009 Jpaps said

Hey guys, not sure if this has been discussed already, but didn't really come up with anything using the search function. <BR><BR>I've decide to take a couple of tours alone, since im sick of waiting for friends to 'save money' although it wont be till later 2010/ear;y 2011, just trying to sort some things out. <BR><BR>Basically wanted some advice on taking more than one european tour, has anyone done this? simply because they don't go to all the places i wanted, eg, i want to do the spainish spree, then the 45 day europe one, then also the russia/scandinavia one. would anyone suggest doing this or just stick to one? <BR>Ill also be doing USA and egypt (through topdeck) but probably just before europe.<BR><BR>im a very shy person, so im a bit worried about travelling alone, Although im sure itll be fine from what iv read on here!<BR><BR>also apart from the quoted prices, how much should i expect for spending money per day?
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  • 26 Nov 2009 Danielle said


    Hey! Although I havent done multiple country tours on my trip, some people I met on a tour last year did do that! They did the 15 day tour through Englan, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, had about 5 days in London after that for a rest and then did the 16 day European Encounter tout where I met them. They said it was good but fairly hard going.

    I travelled alone on my trip and was fine! Got along well with EVERYONE!! About half of my tour travelled alone too, so we all had a little something in common.

    Spending money is a hard one, as everyone is different! I didnt spend alot on my trip, but I wish I had of spent more….will make up for it next time!

  • 25 Dec 2009 carnie said


    Hey there… I did two tours last European summer. I did the 15 day European Emcounter and then took a week off to head to Greek Islands before heading up to start the Russia/Baltic tour. I did the first tour with a friend and then the Russian one by myself (almost everyone was by themself). Having said that I am quite an extrovert so it really depends on the person but I think Contiki brings you out of your shell anyway?

    oh and I spent probably 4000 Euro in 7 weeks, but didnt miss out on anything and was quite the shopper….. you could do it for half the proce I reckon

  • 26 Dec 2009 cdm115 said


    Contiki is great for shy people (I’m pretty shy myself), you will meet people and have a great time.

    As for multiple tours. I haven’t done it but know some people who have. I would recommend a couple days of a break between tours to recharge. Maybe a beach location or just somewhere where hotles/hostels and food are cheap. Also, remember that every tour is different as is every group. You’ll find yourself comparing groups and TM’s and busses, STOP and be in the moment.

  • 28 Dec 2009 Nikcii said


    hey, im planning on doing 2 tours next year, starting with the mykonos Island & cruise, having a week or so break then doing the discovery tour… doing the last tour by myself also. Figured while im over there i may as well get a taste of all the places i have always wanted to see Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 29 Dec 2009 jadey-mcjade said


    hey I am also planning the 45 day ultimte european in early 2011, with a great brittain and ireland tour after. I have alot more saving to do and am budgeting on $200 aus dollars a day, I know I will not spend this much a day but i am hoping to get as much out of both tours as i can without worrying about money. the more money I save the more optional activities I can do. i know im not much help but if there is any time you can get out of your shell and not be shy its on a contiki tour Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 29 Dec 2009 alyssa! said


    im looking at doing 3 europe tours in 2011, along with another tour with a different company. i look at it as im overseas already, meanswell see it all as who knows when i’ll be able to come back.

  • 7 Mar 2010 Jen_au said


    I’m doing the GB/Ireland 16 day tour and leaving about a week’s gap then doing the Winter Wanderer after that at the end of this year (both alone). I thought having a gap between to be an important thing to settle a bit after the first tour and have a relax before reving it up for another!! I would prefer to do this than a 40 day continuous contiki because I think I’ll appreciate the second part more having had a break in the middle, plus, all the more new and exciting people to meet!!!

  • 7 Mar 2010 scandi_gal said


    hi everyone,

    i’m also doing 3 tours in the middle of this year (one with contiki and 2 with other comanies). so i’ll be in europe for a total of 3 months. I’m the same as alyssa, I might as well take advantage of being overseas while I am there, cos I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to go back.

    I think that as long as you have a break in between tours so you have a chance to relax/catch up on washing etc. there wouldn’t be any problems with doing more than 1. (as long as you can afford it all! ha ha)

    I’ll be alone for my of my trip too, and I think a lot of people on these tours are, so I wouldn’t worry about it, I’m shy too, but as long as I force myself to step out of my comfort zone I should be fine. Who knows – you could come back as an extrovert!


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