Weather in NZ in August?

7 Sep 2007 trashywilma asked

Is it very very cold in August? Does Contiki cancel excursions due to cold?
  • 9 Sep 2007 TotallyGaia said


    I’m sorry but that makes me laugh lol. NZ isn’t that cold! I live here – yeah, you need a jumper and a scarf is recommended, but it’s not that bad. :-)

  • 9 Sep 2007 kazza25 said


    hey. agreed with gaia its not that cold in nz. i went in september and made it out alive with a jumper and a nice warm jacket(except for windy wet disgusting wellington)

    yes contiki does cancel excursions if the weather is bad. i went in september and was looking to parasail on taupo, due to it being late winter/spring it was cancelled. other things which may be cancelled due to weather is the heli hike on fox/franz glacier, if the wind picks up they wont put the copter up, but usually you are given the option just to hike it.

    one other thing which will be cancelled is sky diving, if the winds up they cant put a plane up. ditto on the scenic flights over mt cook.

    excursions arent cancelled due to the cold they are cancelled due to wind and the snow(if you get any)

    kia ora



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