California Highlights Sept 3 :)

28 May 2013 Helena asked


Hi guys, I know it's early, but hey :) anyone doing the California Highlights departing in Las Vegas on Sept 3? Let me know, maybe we can catch up before the tour :)

  • 29 May 2013 Elli said


    hey helena, iam also looking for some people. i will do the same trip. but one week later :-(
    have fun!

  • 30 May 2013 Helena said


    oh too bad, would have been great to already know someone :/ but enjoy your trip! :)

  • 30 May 2013 Aaron said


    you join up with the la to the bay and wild western tours look for date 6 or 7 before your tour (for extra people to get to know). Elli you join up with sept 4th date, there is a discussion on here and a facebook group(12ish people) already set up

  • 3 Jun 2013 Stek83 said


    Starting the Cali Highlights tour on the 24th September.
    joining up with the other tours should be good craic!

  • 12 Jun 2013 CruzerExplorer201391 said


    My wild western tour finishes on the 3rd sep. however I will be staying in LA until the 12th

  • 15 Jun 2013 Louisa said


    I’m doing California Highlights staring 18th June and I know it’s full but I still haven’t found anyone :( xx

  • 21 Jun 2013 Fiana said


    I’m doing the trip at 3 September….

  • 21 Jun 2013 Elli said


    hi arobertson,
    thanks for the answer and the link. but my trip will start on the 9 september. anyone else? i will be there one day earlier on monday in las vegas.
    i’am so excited :-) can’t wait



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