europe clothes for winter

7 Sep 2009 Katie said

Hi everyone

So... I know this topic has been discussed a million times over but this is a bit more specific.

Last new years I went to New York and i bought a 3/4 length poofy jacket from Myers (i live in Aus)

But I also have a rainproof/windproof jacket made of gortex from Kathmandu (cost an arm and a leg!!)

So my question is people who have been to Europe, i know that thermals n stuff is the stuff to wear, but my question is what jacket would i be better off taking?

the jacket from Myer whilst it is 3/4 length isnt water proof? And coz its poofy I think it takes up alot of room in my bag? So im leaning towards the goretex jacket, but not sure if it will be warm enough?

I dont want to get over there and find out that im freezing my butt off. so any suggestions are appreciated Smiler

Cheers, Katie



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