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January 6th-18th 2010 - Anyone??

31 May 2009 Elle-D asked

Hey guys! Anyone going on this Contiki? I'm going by myself and am a bit nervous - ok a lot nervous!! Would be great to get an idea of who's going to be nervous with me!<BR><BR>Drop a line and say hello!<BR><BR>Cheers, <BR><BR>El <img src="" alt="Cool" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::cool:-->
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  • 4 Jun 2009 Kristen said


    So close im leaving Jan 10th.

    DW im abit worried bout going by myself as well but it will be fun.

  • 11 Jun 2009 torz said


    im sure you guys will have alot of fun and meet lotsa people, travelling alone.

    where are you both travelling from?

  • 14 Jun 2009 Kristen said


    im leaving from Brissy but im spending two weeks in london with a cousin who lives there . . . .

    btu doing contiki all on my lonesome

  • 17 Jun 2009 lil_jolly13 said


    Hey, i thought it was 6th to 17th? anyway im doin the european discovery (winter) with my fiance, that leaves london on the 6th of January 2010. Anyone else doing this tour? Im from Melbourne Australia where is everyone else from? look forward to meeting you

  • 17 Jun 2009 Elle-D said


    Yeah i am going then, also leaving from Melbourne!!! Going by myself tho so pretty scared!! Is anyone else staying tin the contiki hostel place the night before we leave??


  • 18 Jun 2009 lil_jolly13 said


    Thats awesome, My name is Janelle and my fiance’s name is Sam we are both 21. Whereabouts in melbourne are you from?, we are southeast/bayside. We are leaving for london on christmas night and spending a little time there before we head off on the tour but we are staying at the imperial hotel which is affiliated with the contiki hotels. i think it is around the corner from the royal national Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> When do you leave from melbourne?

  • 29 Jun 2009 Elle-D said


    hey Jenelle!
    Im from Preston in melbourne (northern suburbs).
    Im doing a week in america with a mate first, and having xmas with her family in England before we go. I have to figure out where to stay the night before we leave tho so that i can be there on time and meet some ppl – we should try and organise to meet up! Closer to the date obviously…

    So i leave on Dec 15th for my adventure – have you guys travelled before? i’m 23 and this is my first trip – SO SO SO Excited! but nervous as well – hope we have a fun group!

  • 30 Jun 2009 lil_jolly13 said


    Hey Elle,

    Im actually familiar with preston, i go to uni in bundoora (rmit). We are from Aspendale.

    Thats awesome that your going to america first! That will probably be our next trip.

    I have travelled before, I have been to India, Singapore, London and Dubai. This will be the second time round for me in london but i have never been to europe. Sam has never been out of australia so he’s a little nervous too!

    Mum has been to paris and says there aren’t many toilets around and where there are some you have to pay… i recommend bringing those paper toilet seat covers if your fussy like me and hand sanitiser….important when travelling.
    I also regretted not wearing the most comfy pants when i travelled.

    My stepdad has stayed at the imperial hotel in russell square and says its clean and good quality etc.. sam and i have booked to stay there before the tour leaves. I think they have single rooms for £78.00 but be careful if bookin through their website with credit as your bank will probably charge you a conversion fee for the currency change. Best to organise it with contiki. We made that mistake and its cost us over $70 in coversion fees.

    The other is the royal national and i think the tour leaves from that hotel. Maybe we could catch up for dinner or something in london before we leave for the tour. Do you have facebook?

    I hope more people start replying to this thread!! would be good to see where everyone is from!

  • 30 Jun 2009 Elle-D said


    too funny – i go tto rmit in bundy too! what are you doing there? im doing teaching… and i am very familiar with aspendale – used to spend a fair bit of time there.

    Small world!!

    Well is sounds like u are a real pro!! thanks for all the advice! especially the money bit – every little bit helps!!

    Dinner in london before hand sounds excellent. yes i have facebook, my email is

    and yes! more ppl should join our little forum! maybe they will closer to the date – we’re just early excited geeks. hehe

  • 1 Jul 2009 lil_jolly13 said


    Hey thats awesome!!! im doing Laboratory Medicine, but im not at uni this year as its my placement year so im working in a hospital. very small world indeed. Haha yes im way too excited….iv’e already got everything organised like luggage and stuff, i used to use mums but now i have all my own and its all pretty and new lol. my e-mail is or u could e-mail me at rmit. my student number is s3136518 Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 9 Jul 2009 cookie23 said


    Hey everyone, im also doing the european discovery 6-17th jan 2010, look forward to meeting everyone…except lil_jolly13 lol Razzer<!--graemlin::p-->

  • 22 Jul 2009 Jac said


    Hey! My name’s Jac and I’m also booked in for this tour on the 6th with my friend Nicole. I’m 24 and a teacher in a remote community in the Kimberley, WA. First overseas trip, I’m v. excited! I’m already writing packing lists and pouring over forums etc! The end of the year can’t come soon enough!

  • 22 Jul 2009 Jac said


    Btw, what’s the general consensus on appropriate footwear? I bought some mid-calf flat boots which are great, but then thought they might not be waterproof enough so now I’ve ordered a pair of “snowjoggers” online. I’m slightly concerned that I’ll look like a total dork wearing them, but they look like they’d be so comfy and warm and dry! Especially if we’ll be encountering any snow on the trip…

    What do you think? What are you planning to take?

  • 23 Jul 2009 Elle-D said


    Hi Jac! (and Nicole!) Welcome to our nerdy over excited forum! Haha. I think we are all a little too excited…

    i havent really thought too much about shoes!
    I have some flat leather boots – whihc i was goign to waterproof – do you think we will see much snow?
    Hm… i wonder…
    do we need to bring sleeping bags n things? for hostels? So much to buy before we go! So much for saving money!!

    Are you doing any other travel before or after the tour?

    Im really excited – hope more ppl join our happy little forum!

  • 23 Jul 2009 Jac said


    There’s nothing wrong with being excited Wink<!--graemlin:;)--> Half the fun is in the planning! Well, maybe a third of the fun haha.

    I was going to waterproof my boots as well, but I had a little bit of a freak out that they still wouldn’t keep me dry enough! I might regret the snowjoggers, but they also might be the best decision I ever made Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

    As far as I know, because our tour is a “timeout” tour, we’re in hotels every night, no hostel accommodation.. so no sleeping bags necessary and each room has its own bathroom etc. So that means no towel necessary either.

    I recommend the Vogue forums for advice on packing – there’s a “collective packing thread” in the travel section which I’ve found to be invaluable! There are about 70 pages of it, and I’m kinda embarrassed to say I read the whole thing lol. But it did help me heaps with my packing list.

    Also for good travel bits and pieces (and stuff you didn’t even think you needed) check out . I’ve already ordered $300 worth of stuff, it’s a really great site and really affordable!

    I’m doing London and surrounds for two weeks before the tour (a visit to my grandparents included) and then I think I’ll plan to leave the tour in Paris at the end and stay a few nights there.

  • 2 Sep 2009 Explorer1145678 said


    Hi my name is Alison, or Ali, for short. I’m doing the Discovery tour that leaves on 6th Jan 2010. This is my 1st trip overseas and I’m going it alone. I am so nervous but so excited at the same time!!! I am 20 years old and I’m from Sydney, Australia. Can’t wait to meet everyone!!!

  • 6 Sep 2009 lil_jolly13 said


    Hi Jac, Nicole and Ali! Welcome to the forum! my fiance is feeling a little outnumbered now i think… lol 5 girls and him so far… i checked on the website earlier and our tour is fully booked so hopefully some more people join the forum!! Look forward to getting to know everyone! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 6 Sep 2009 lil_jolly13 said


    Also… we will see HEAPS of snow ive been to london in winter before and my mum went to paris last year in january and it snowed the whole time she was there even though it was bright and sunny Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> I recommend you bring a compact umbrella but if you dont want to pack one in your luggage you can get a compact one from Marks and Spencer in London for about £5, mine has lasted me since 2007.

    My friend from the uk who is in aus atm says that we will probably find germany to be the coldest along with the alps of course! I purchased calf length boots to and will waterproof them…not sure whether i should bring runners as well or whether they will just get wet..? I recently visited the eiffel tower website and found out that at the end of the year they are going to start online ticket reservation which they havent done in the past so you can pre-book your tickets and not get stuck in line. same with tickets for the colosseum and vatican city etc…

    Tune in for my next round of travel babble lol… im way overexcited about this!!

  • 15 Oct 2009 Sam said


    Hi!! I am indeed going on this trip. I’ve only just had a burst of excitement about it – bit slow off the mark!

    I’ll be 23 by the time the tour comes around. I’m from Townsville, North QLD, I’m a 3rd year uni students studying Early Childhood Education. This will be my first trip overseas. I am meeting 4 of my friends in London on the 3rd of Jan and Touring Contiki style with 2 of them as of…suprise suprise Jan 6th.


  • 17 Oct 2009 Luke&Renee said


    Hi. We have booked for the 6th as well! We are coming from Auckland (NZ) and travelling for a month. We are going to London first for a few days before the tour, then going back to London afterwards, then onto Ireland, before returning home! We’re keen to meet up with you guys before the tour, once everyone gets to London. Can’t wait!
    Luke 27, Renee 21

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