Spending Money!

15 Jul 2010 Manda said

hi all, <BR><BR>How much spending money are you all planning on bringing on the Winter Wanderer tour??
  • 16 Jul 2010 Tots said


    aiming to try and bring around $6000 or $7000 aussie dollars.

  • 17 Jul 2010 bob said


    Not a whole lot because I don’t plan to purchase much.
    Are you wanting to buy a lot of souvenirs and clothes?

  • 17 Jul 2010 Manda said


    well i am going on an 8 day england and scottland tour, then the winter wanderer then spending a week in london at the end, so i plan to do most of my shopping in that last week. but of course will want to buy things along the way in europe. i will try not to buy alot but will still buy a bit. sorry not very helpful haha

  • 18 Jul 2010 Matt said


    il be overseas for about 50 days, and im taking about 5-6000aus. after reading a few other forums, 75-100 bucks a day is a good place to start, just remember that you wont be spending much on bus days… hope that helps

  • 18 Jul 2010 Manda said


    hey matt, thanks for your reply. yeah that does help alot. i keep forgetting that some days were gonna be on a bus the whole day so generally won’t spend much those days!

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