Best of USA in june/july 2011?

5 Oct 2010 Explorer1181265 asked

Hey is anyone planning to go on the 'Best of USA' tour in June/ July next year?
  • 6 Oct 2010 Explorer1211569 said


    Hey yer me and my mate are plannin to go june or july next year.

  • 7 Oct 2010 rackyxox said


    heyy. yeah me and my friend are going on the best of usa tour that leaves july 1st. soo excited already Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 8 Oct 2010 Danica Jane said


    my mate and I are booked on the 22 july departure!

  • 10 Oct 2010 Explorer1181265 said


    Thats awesome Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> well im not sure of when to book for, im thinking at the start of June. Then im going to live in Canada for 2 years so its all a bit exciting Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->. Well you guys are welcome to addme on fb, so i can get an idea of what other people are doing and to get some ideas up my sleeve Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 10 Oct 2010 Explorer1212116 said


    My calendar on this site only seems to go to March. Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->

  • 10 Oct 2010 rackyxox said


    you have to search the 2011 tours coz they have changed the best of usa is now a 14 day and u can either start in la or ny. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 23 Oct 2010 rackyxox said


    hey. yeah me and my friend are doing the best of usa leaving july 1st and we are staying a few days before and after Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 24 Oct 2010 Explorer1181265 said


    hey yep i am,…im booked for a june tour and im staying a few days before and a few after….hey add me to facebook and we can see if we are on the same tour…


  • 15 Dec 2010 Explorer1222278 said


    Hey, I’m booked for 17th June.. Anyone else booked for this tour? LA-NY!!

  • 15 Dec 2010 Explorer1181265 said


    Hey!!! That’s the tour I’m on!!!! Add me on Facebook on the above address!!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 16 Dec 2010 Explorer1222278 said


    ok, just added you! my name’s lauren!

  • 16 Dec 2010 Danni_keys said


    I’m booked on the 17th June too! Can’t wait!!

  • 5 Jan 2011 Explorer1217065 said


    Flights and tours all booked! SO EXCITED! Me and my friend will be in Hawaii for 3 nights then flying to LA to start on the 1st July!! Can’t wait!!! YAY!! Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 9 Jan 2011 Dani21 said


    hey…is anyone booked on the june 3rd tour? Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 11 Jan 2011 Explorer1226998 said


    Doing Best of USA leaving July 1st with two friends! we are so excited!!

  • 28 Jan 2011 ELL087 said


    I’m booked in on the 3rd June tour anyone else on this one?! :)

  • 28 Jan 2011 ELL087 said



  • 11 Feb 2011 Jess_88 said


    hey :) i am booked in for the 1st July with 2 friends.. cannot wait!!

  • 11 Feb 2011 Courtz said


    Hey guys – if you are doing the 1st of July BEST OF USA tour join the group on facebook just search for: Best of USA – July 1st 2011. I am going with Jess 88 and one of our other friends so it would be good to chat before we all meet up :)

  • 12 Feb 2011 Hrvatica said


    Hi, I too am booked on BEST OF USA tour beginning 1st July 2011 and am travelling solo. I have done a European contiki tour before and have been to Europe a few times but this will be my 1st trip to USA. I really hope it is good. To tell you the truth I am a bit nervous about it but at the same time am looking forward to it.

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