June 8, 2007!

15 Jan 2007 Gillian942 said

Anyone thinking of going at this time? I am planning on it and probably heading to croatia after the trip! Would love to meet some cool people!
  • 5 Feb 2007 Joanne23 said


    Hi!! I am also thinking of going on this tour – are you still going? I would be going myself. Joanne – 30

  • 6 Feb 2007 Gillian942 said


    hey! yeah i’m totally still thinking about going. haven’t booked yet though. i think its going to be awesome. i would be going by myself as well. i’m 26 from Toronto Canada!

  • 7 Feb 2007 Joanne23 said


    Hi,I am from Montreal! Another Canadian!! I am actually trying to decide between this trip and the Eastern Road trip. I am more interested in this trip as you have more days in each city and less time on the bus. I was just hoping that there would be other people going by themself as well. Do you think you would sign up soon? I am definitely going to go on one of the two trips. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 9 Feb 2007 Gillian942 said


    oooh. that trip sounds very cool too! well i will probably not be signing up for a little bit. i want to see who else is thinking of going on the trip and i feel like people won’t decide until later. lets keep in touch!

    ps. i love montreal!

  • 16 Feb 2007 Joanne23 said


    hi, just to let you know i am signing up for this tour tomorrow!! Let me know when you decide on what you are doing – all the tours look great, so i don’t think you can go wrong!

  • 26 Feb 2007 Gillian942 said


    hey sara! did you book your flight too? how much was the total cost if you dont’ mind me asking? i’m just trying to get the finances together. what do you do in NYC?

    gillian Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 2 Mar 2007 Akuti27 said


    Hi there,

    I am thinking about going on this trip. Never been to this part of Europe yet. Might be interesting.

  • 4 Mar 2007 Joanne23 said


    Hi again – i signed up and it cost $3KCDN, however that included the single supplement. I booked my flight separately as i wanted to stay one extra day in Budapest at the end. I work at a large telephone cie in finance. June can’t come soon enough for me!!

  • 15 Mar 2007 sue123 said


    Hi all. Me and a friend will be doing this tour as well. We were originally booked on an Eastern Road tour, but it got cancelled. We already had our tickets and everything, and it was nonrefundable. Berlin to Budapest is the closest, it’s a couple days shorter, so in those days, we’re going to Krakow since that was one of our must sees.

    I’m looking foward to it, I do like that there is more time in each city, and I’m glad that we’ll still get to go to Poland afterwards.

  • 11 Apr 2007 Gillian942 said


    is anyone else planning on travelling afterwards?

    Gillian Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 12 May 2007 MPH said


    hello – i will be going on this on this tour and probably headed to poland afterward


  • 13 May 2007 sue123 said


    Hey Mike, I’m going with a friend on this trip, and we’re also headed to Poland afterwards, Krakow specifically. We were originally booked on teh Eastern Road, but it got cancelled, so we took this one instead. This tour ends a couple days before we were scheduled to fly out of Berlin, so we figured we;d go to Poland, since we really wanted to go there.

  • 30 May 2007 hotman said


    [Toronto 2 BerlinQUOTE]

    Hi Gillian, How are you?..this is hotmank from Toronto, hey im going to tourberlin to budapest on june 30 tour, why dont you come on this tour? Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->let me would be fun
    Originally posted by Gillian942:
    Anyone thinking of going at this time? I am planning on it and probably heading to croatia after the trip! Would love to meet some cool people![/QUOTE]

  • 30 May 2007 hotman said


    Hi Joanne.this is hotman fromToronto, i got question for you.
    Did you pay 3k$ for the tour only or thats also includes the flights?
    Im going on june 30 though
    well let me know my dear

  • 27 Jun 2007 Jo said


    Mickki!!! How are you??? I had a great time too. I have already posted some on facebook, but i will post them elsewhere as well for others to see. I would love to see everyone else’s photos as well to replace those i lost of Berlin & Prague.

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