Where shall I go??!!

6 Jun 2013 morgandanielleh asked


Any suggestions? I'm undecided regarding the places I want to see, being a first time traveler I am not sure what to choose.

  • 12 Jun 2013 HeavyMetalFairy said


    if it’s your first time travelling i suggest anywhere!! ;o) as long as you plan to go somewhere else afterwards! europe might be a good place to start as it has a lot of diversity between the different countries.
    perhaps your family originated from somewhere.. i.e Irish or something, might be nice to see some of the country of your ancestors.

    google will be your best friend, just research! have fun with your decision!

  • 13 Jun 2013 Maik said


    It also depends on when you want to go. Europe can be very cold between November and March. (This year, we had snow in April!). I saw you’re from Canada. Maybe something that’s totally different compared to your home country. Australia/NZ or Asia?

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