Camping Questions

4 Oct 2008 Kelly said

I'm debating if I want to go on a camping or budget trip in 2009. I've been camping before, but never when I had to worry about spending a night in town. So, because of that, I have a couple of camping questions...

- Please tell me there's hot showers. Smiler Will I have to save coins to operate them?
- How complicated is it to hand wash/dry clothes at the camp sites? lol, I assume everyone will be able to see my underwear when they are drying, unless I somehow hang them up in the tent.
- What has people done with their wet towels? Were people mostly able to dry them before they had to pack up? Is there a brand that drys quickly?
- How can I charge my batteries besides on the bus?
- When we're at a place for a day, will our stuff be left in our tents or stowed on the bus?
- When I think of camping, I think of backpacking all my stuff, but I would prefer to use a suitcase. What do most people bring on the camping trips?
- I plan on bringing a liner, but how often are the contiki sleeping bags cleaned? I don't have a problem sleeping in my dirt, but with the stories I've read don't really want to sleep in anyone else's dirt.

The non-camping questions...
- For the optional excursions, I've read in some places that you pay for all the extras on the first/second day of the trip. What if you decide later that you want to go on the optional trip?
- I've read that some ATMs only accept either a 4 or 6 digit PIN. Has anyone had problems with this?

Thanks in advance for answering!



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