Winter Wanderer

2 Mar 2009 Melbourne2009 said

Hi all,

my girlfriend and i are looking at doing the winter wanterer starting 29 dec - 21 jan '10 plus a week at the end to do whatever we please (most probably quick tours of london, ireland, scotland)

anyway just was after some feedback from the more experienced travellers out there.

a) Just how cold is it during this period? what exactly should we be taking, how many layers will we be wearing?

b) just after a rough guide on flight prices. what has everyone else paid? if not too personal a question. and also peoples thoughts on a two stopovers vs one stopover flight there and back. any good websites to check out?

ps from melbourne aus >london

c)money (of course) what range should we be looking at budgetting a day. we dont want to be scrooges but dont want to pay top dollar for everthing as well.

if anyone would be able to help would be greatly appreciated and any other thoughts people had would be great




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