Age Restrictions - North America

Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

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We’re the original travel company for 18-35s – it’s what we know best and no one does travel like we do. For us, travelling is all about discovering amazing places with a bunch of like-minded people and having a great time doing it. Our aim is to make your trip a life changing adventure so we’ve dedicated ourselves to specialising in the art of travel for 18-35s. Because we’ve been on the road since ’62 we have perfected it, just for you.

It is possible to travel With Contiki on North American Tours if you are 17 years old only if you are traveling with a legal guardian who is 18-35. A waiver must however be signed by both the legal guardian on tour as well as the legal guardian/parent/s of the underage participant. This waiver can be obtained through your travel agent or by contacting Contiki.

Age and Alcohol

by – Angie, Tour Manager, North America

All states in the USA strictly prohibit anyone under the age of 21 years from drinking and often even entering a licensed premises. In Canada the legal drinking age varies from province to province. In British Colombia and Ontario the legal drinking age is 19; in Alberta and Quebec, it is 18.

Age matters a bit in the United States. It is important to remember that the drinking and gambling age in the US are 21, and many places won’t allow 18-20 year olds in in fear of losing their liquor license.



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