Alice Springs

Last Updated: 11th Feb 2014

<p>Alice Springs is located in what is almost literally the heart of <a href="/contikipedia/articles/75">Australia</a>, the centre of the continent and is the countries largest inland city as well as being the second largest city in the <a href="/contikipedia/articles/453">Northern Territory</a>, next to <a href="/contikipedia/articles/269">Darwin</a>. The whole area around &#8216;Alice&#8217; is simply known as &#8216;The Centre&#8217; to the locals and the town is the centre for excursions into Australia red desert centre.</p> <h3>One Day Palm Valley 4 Wheel Drive Trip</h3> <p>Take to opportunity to experience a unique part of Central Australia that is accessible only by 4 wheel drive. You travel through Hermannsburg, then down the Finke River, one of the oldest watercourses in the world. See spectacular rock formations, white sands and desert oasis&#8217; with rock pools and palm trees. Visit the nearby rock formation known as the &#8216;Amphitheatre&#8217; and relax by a water hole shaded by tall palms. The full day excursion includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and you can book through your Tour Manager or through <span class="caps">AAT</span> Kings (<a href="">official site</a>).</p> <h3>Old Jail</h3> <p>Situated between the courthouse and the police station is Alice Springs&#8217; first jail, one of the few remaining original buildings in the town.</p> <h3>Diarama Village</h3> <p>This brilliant attraction traces the myths and legends of the Australian Aboriginals along with and excellent collection of Aboriginal art.</p> <h3>Panorama Guth</h3> <p>Panorama Guth (<a href="">official site</a>) is a 360 degree, 6 meter high, 30 meter circumference painted landscape named after it&#8217;s Dutch-born Alice local Henck Guth. The landscape shows some of the best known beauty spots of the center and also includes an art gallery with works by aboriginal artists.</p>