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Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

reichstag berlin

Although Germany is more renowned for the liquid aspects of its culture, it has been home of people like Einstein, Durer, Beethoven, Brahms, not to mention Rammstein and, even though, he was not born there….yes, the Hoff (David Hasslehoff) was hugely popular less that 15 years ago.

Berlin and Munich have some good museums for the truly hard core culture vultures and although snippets of pre-war Germany still survive, in the cities the man-made landscape is mainly post 1945, which provides a great change from the 500 to 2000 plus old city centers of many other European cities. Nowhere more is this mix more evident than the capital of Berlin.

People also travel to regions like the Rhine Valley and Heidelberg however to see ancient and medieval castles that create a feeling of serenity and romance.

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