Australian Food

Last Updated: 16th Feb 2011

<p>Traditionally Australian cuisine, like much of the country, is based on traditional British ways brought to the country by the first settlers with pies, meats, steaks, chops, mashed potatoes and vegetables featuring heavily. This style of cooking however has quickly become out-moded as the influence of Australia&#8217;s multicultural population has lead to a flood of new foods and ways to cook.</p> <p>Australia is well known for its bush tucker while seafood and barbecues are also popular. The fast pace of life in many Australian cities makes takeaway food popular. Two of the most traditional takeaway dishes are <a href="/contikipedia/articles/meat-pies-and-sausage-rolls">meat pies and sausage rolls</a> and although there is plenty of American-style fast food, Aussies also have their own chains like Red Rooster, Eagle Boys and Oporto while <a href="/contikipedia/articles/corner-store-food">Corner store food</a> is a staple of any Australian neighborhood and a big part of take away food culture as is Chinese takeaway.</p> <p>Australian native meats and plants foods are also become more popular and common, particularly in classy restaurants. Although not common, in Australia you can definitely eat kangaroo, emu and crocodile as well as a host of native seafoods like barramundi, shark, bugs and lobsters while authentically Australian deserts include pavlova and lamingtons.</p> <p>As any Australian on holidays or living overseas will tell you, the must try Aussie product is Vegemite.</p>