Last Updated: 3rd Jan 2014

by – Jordan Allen, Tour Manager, North America

Banff is a small, but bustling town of 8,500 people within Banff National Park in the Canadian Province of Alberta.

Banff National Park has the distinction of being Canada’s first National Park. Following the discovery of natural hot springs near the present-day Banff town area, disputes over ownership arose, and the government was prompted to establish a National Park for future public use and conservation.

As the land is part of the National Park, there are tight regulations impose by the government and the locals rent the land from the National Park rather than owning the land themselves.

The draws of Banff seem firmly balanced between the winter and summer seasons. With the feel of a ski resort in the snowy months, skiers and snowboarders dominate the scene with three major ski resorts in the area. In the warmer months, visitors branch out for hiking, photography, horseback riding, scenic helicopter flights, and views from atop the 2,285 meter Sulphur Mountain via the Sulphur Mountain Gondola.



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