Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

<p><img src="" class="rightwise" alt="" /></p> <p>Take me out to the ball game!</p> <p>It is America’s National Sport. For a true taste of US sporting culture nothing beats sitting in the stands, eating a hot dog, taking the 7th inning stretch and maybe even catching a foul ball.</p> <p>Although going to a game is not scheduled on any tours, there is loads of free time on tours to hit up a game in cities and teams like the <a href="/contikipedia/articles/anaheim">Anaheim</a><br /> Angels, <a href="/contikipedia/articles/boston">Boston</a> Red Sox, <a href="/contikipedia/articles/chicago">Chicago</a> White Sox or Cubs, <a href="/contikipedia/articles/san-diego">San Diego</a> Padres, <a href="/contikipedia/articles/san-francisco">San Francisco</a> Giants, the Diamondbacks of <a href="/contikipedia/articles/phoenix">Phoenix</a> and Mets and Yankees of <a href="/contikipedia/articles/new-york">New York</a> among others.</p> <p>Check out the <a href="">official site</a> of Major League Baseball for a schedule or see <a href="/contikipedia/articles/us-sports">US Sports</a> for more information.</p>