Bavarian Beerhall, Munich

Last Updated: 29th Dec 2013

The Bavarian Beerhall is an optional excursion offered to Concept/Budget and Camping Tours staying in Munich, Germany.

Please note: This excursion is not operated in favor of the Oktoberfest on tours in Munich during the festival.

The Bavarian Beer Hall is offered as an optional excursion on Contiki Concept/Budget and Camping Europe Tours visiting Munich.

by – ‘Swissguide’, Tour Manager, Europe

You can’t miss the beerhall excursion in Munich: excellent food, the best beer in the world plus some really cool bavarian dancing and music!

by – Glenn Jupp, Tour Manager, Europe

The beer halls in Germany are a must do! we visit the city of Munich, home of the Oktoberfest, one of the biggest beer festivals in the world! Talk about experiencing culture. Apart from the fact that its some of the best beer in the world, there is lots of traditional German entertainment including music and dancing, and because everyone is having so much fun, they get a bit of interaction from the crowd as well. A fantastic night out, great German food, fantastic German beer in giant stein glasses, and impressive entertainment. A perfect night out for everyone!

by – Daniel Mailhiot, Tour Manager, Europe

As a former Contiki client, my best night on tour and maybe the best night of my life was attending the Oktoberfest in Munich. A night at the Munchnerhaupt Royal Beerhall is a taste of Oktoberfest available all year round. I don’t understand why it is only €20…I would pay €50. A good feed, awesome entertainment, and a really big beer… is good. I normally have almost everyone do this excursion. About two days before arrival in Munich, I start teaching the group to sing ‘Ein Prosit.’ Everyone loves it and they are sad to leave.



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