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by – Jordan Allen, Tour Manager, North America

Boston! ‘Bean Town’, The ‘Cradle of Liberty’, and the ‘Cerebral Cortex of the U.S.’ are just a few nicknames associated with the most historical city in the United States. If you want to experience the rich history of the U.S. while enjoying first class shopping, dining, and sports mania, then Boston is the city for you! Part working class city, part business class city you will find 200 year old buildings next to modern skyscrapers. Boston shows you where the U.S. has been and where it is going!


Boston was one of the first major cities established in the U.S., and was the scene for the first major events of the American Revolution. Historic events such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Battle of Lexington and Concord kicked off the Revolution and establish the United States of America as an independent country. Some of America’s early important political figures are buried in Boston including Sam Adams and John Hancock. But don’t forget political figures in the modern era either. JFK and the Kennedy family as well as 2004 Presidential candidate John Kerry call Boston home.

The Freedom Trail

by – cdm115

The Freedom Trail is a 2 and a half mile stretch of walking trail that highlights 16 significant historical sites. See churches, museums, burial grounds, ships and meeting houses that are important to Colonial Revolutionary Boston. Take a self guided tour of all or part of the Freedom Trail, or take one of the many guided trails.


by – Jordan Allen, Tour Manager, North America

Good food is not hard to find as Boston boasts a great variety of restaurants. While a good mix of food is present in Boston, it is no secret that the pride and joy of Boston cuisine is seafood. Whether its fresh fish, clam ‘chowda’, crab, or lobster, seafood is abundant and usually cheaper than the inland cities of the U.S. A great restaurant for a first timer to Boston is Legal Sea Foods, with several locations throughout the city.


by – Drew Walker, Tour Manager, USA

There are great opportunities for shopping in Boston. Shop in the middle of history at Boston’s famed Quincy Market shops near storied Fanueil Hall. Newbury Street, touted as the Rodeo Drive of New England, has a great variety of shops from the affordable to the ultra posh. You can find your Red Sox souvenirs at either of these shopping destinations, or you can check out the massive team store near Fenway Park. Shoppers can take a break at the replica Cheers Bar in Quincy Market or check out the bar that inspired Cheers, the Bull and Finch pub at the Hampshire House, just a short walk from Newbury Street. Beacon Hill also offers charming, historical shopping. One should note the signs that signal the goods that a shop offers – charming pictures.


by – Jordan Allen, Tour Manager, North America

Bostonians are passionate about their sports teams to say the very least. The Bruins NHL Ice Hockey team, Patriots gridiron football, Celtics basketball, and Red Sox baseball add up to a passion that is hard to match.

Major Sites

Check out Boston Aquarium (official site), the USS Constitution (known as ‘Old Ironsides’ – official site) Harvard University, Fenway Park, Boston Common, Beacon Hill, the ‘Cheers’ bar, Bunker Hill Monument, and the North End.

Salem and the Witches

by – RaeRae122682

If you have time to get there go to Salem. It’s only 20 minutes outside of Boston and the commuter rail goes straight there! There is so much there to see; the Salem witch museum, the witch dungeon (which is an exact replica of the actual dungeons) and they also have a 20 minute play that is taken from the actual transcripts of the real trials, there is also the house of 7 gables which is the childhood home of Nathaniel Hawthorne (he wrote the scarlet letter).



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