Buildings and Architecture - Florence

Last Updated: 16th Feb 2011

The Renaissance style and heritage of the city can not only be seen inside its Galleries and Museums but is also reflected in many of the buildings that the city erected during this time.

The largest and also tallest building in the city is the Duomo, the main church of the city. It’s simply spectacular façade is the pinnacle of this style of Florentine architecture that can also be seen in the Santa Croce Church among many others. Checking out at least the outside of these churches is a must for anyone who travels to Florence.

Santa Croce is also the burial tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo and many other notable figures of the period. The Medici Chapels at the rear of the San Lorenzo Church is the traditional burial place of the Medici and its interior is also impressive.

Older still is the Palazzo Vecchio, on the edge of Piazza Signora. This was the seat of government for the small but immensely powerful, wealthy and influential Florentine Republic.

The oldest, most famous and romantic bridge across the Arno is the Ponte Vecchio, literally meaning the ‘old bridge’ it too is steeped in history but is today home to glittering jewelry stores.



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