Bungy Jumping, Cairns

Last Updated: 25th Feb 2014

by – Tash, Tour Manager, Australia and Europe

bungy optional cairns

The most famous extreme sport of them all…Attach yourself to a giant rubber band and throw yourself off somewhere inadvisably HIGH!

AJ Hackett is the original and still one of the best in the world. This 50m bungy is nestled into World Heritage Listed rainforest, 20 minutes from Cairns and the spectacular scenery adds to the mind-blowing rush.

While you’re there, check out the other activities they have, including swinging through the jungle at neck-breaking speed on the Minjin jungle swing. This swing will drag you up to a height of 50 meters and then fling you through the rainforest at 120 km/hr (75 mph)!

Bungy jumping is offered as an optional excursion on Contiki Australia Tours visiting Cairns.



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