Cassa Rosso Sex Show, Amsterdam

Last Updated: 16th Feb 2011

cassa rosso sex show entrance, amsterdam

by – Matt Vernick, Tour Manager, Europe

Amsterdam is famous for it’s canals and bridges, waffles and pancakes, fries and mayonnaise, quaint buildings and architecture as well as wooden clog shoes and beautiful flowering tulips. For some travellers however, no trip to Amsterdam is complete without a stroll though the Red Light District, a moment or two in a Coffee Shop and perhaps for some, a live performance at an Amsterdam sex show.

The Cassa Rosso is just that – a chance to see one of the more taboo and unique experiences that is on offer in the Dutch capital. Far though from being the highlight of any European tour, seeing a live sex show is often a fun, unforgettable (and sometimes hilarious) experience that is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (As Amsterdam is one few places in the world were you can see live sex, legally).

Although the show is very graphic (nothing is at all hidden), the ‘artists’ usually perform 6 or 7 times a night and as such generally do not look entirely enthralled in what they are doing. Having said that, there are most certainly some acts that often shock, amaze, make you squirm and entertain more than others – the least of which is the infamous ‘banana’ show.

The program of performances usually runs about an hour in length and people visiting the theater with a Contiki group get a significant discount on the regular door price as well as reserved seating. Your ticket to the show also includes a few drinks and is in a theater setting where the drinks are served to you in your seat. The whole environment is very non-threatening.

In a city famed for it’s liberal laws relating to drugs and sex and the Cassa Rosso sex show is arguably the most well known and famous theater of it’s type in the city and is one of the ‘must do’s’ for many people on tour.



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