Contiki Crew - Tour Manager, Europe

Last Updated: 7th Jun 2012

<p><img src="" class="rightwise" title="tour manager, europe" alt="tour manager, europe" /></p> <p>Contiki&#8217;s staff are what truly sets us apart from the competition. Only the cream of the crop make it through Contiki&#8217;s intensive training program to &#8216;graduate&#8217; and become part of our team.</p> <p>Our Crew, like you, are young people who love to share their passion for travel, adventure and discovery. All our staff are carefully chosen from the myriad of people who apply because of their attitude and people skills. No matter what their role, our Crew work together as a tight-knit team to make your <a href="/contikipedia/articles/tours-europe">European Tour</a> the experience of a lifetime.</p> <p>Most of our Crew are full time professionals and with well over 200 staff working on the road in <a href="/contikipedia/articles/europe">Europe</a> alone, their combined knowledge and skill easily make them the most professional and experienced on the road.</p> <h2>Tour Managers</h2> <p>You&#8217;ve just set foot in a new city. Need to know where the nearest net cafe is? How about a cash machine? Where is a great place is to go out? How about the best shops and bargains? The best museums? Where to call home? How to beat the lines of tourists? What&#8217;s that building? How do I talk to the locals? What local customs or laws do you need to observe? What should I eat that&#8217;s truly authentic? Don’t Know? Chances are your Tour Manager will.</p> <p>Your Tour Manager is your guide to all things European. Pack your guide book away because it&#8217;s already out of date compared to your Tour Managers almost bottomless well of knowledge. If you want to know more and get deeper into the sights, history, culture, people, customs, food, drink and just plain general information and know how about how to get the most out of your travels though the cities, countries and sights our Tour Managers may be one of your greatest resources while on tour.</p> <p>Contiki&#8217;s training is widely recognized as being the best in the industry. Our Tour Managers are &#8216;people people&#8217; first and foremost but they also organize almost every aspect of your tour from accommodations to meals, sightseeing, nights out, optional excursions, and music while providing you with information, maps and almost every imaginable aspect of your tour (as well as some you can&#8217;t imagine).</p> <p>Tour Managers are an invaluable resource no matter what the situation. They can also often help you solve problems and situations, give you advice and help you get the most out of your tour.</p> <p>Every Tour Manager, of course, if different and all have their own unique styles, personalities and ways of running their tours but all are dedicated professionals who are there for you throughout your tour and worth their weight in gold.</p> <p>Sometimes it may be necessary to make changes to your itinerary (for reasons such as traffic, poor weather, etc.) and the decisions and discretions made by your Tour Manager are made in the best interests of not only you, but also your tour companions and the entire group. Your Tour Manager has the knowledge, experience and authority to act in these situations and will endeavor to make the best decisions in each individual circumstance.</p>